My Connection To Nature…


My connection to nature is the most prominent at the beach. Whenever I walk across the shoreline, I like to concentrate on the feeling of the sand between my toes. Feeling connected to nature is very important to the psyche, because we are essentially a part of our environment. Feeling out of place in your environment can have a very disastrous effect to your sense of being.

Sitting in the sand in absolute silence was my favorite thing to do while growing up on Pensacola Beach. Hearing all of the different sounds of nature soothed me and helped me concentrate. I would sometimes take my homework outside where I could feel the sun against my back just to soak up those rays of sunshine.

As human beings we need to be aware of our environment and its needs. If we take advantage of everything it gives us without giving anything back, the balance of nature will be skewed. Environmental problems like global warming and pollution are our responsibility. In the weeks following the BP oil spill, I spent most of my days out by the ocean. It was heartbreaking to see the oil residue everywhere. This event really impacted my outlook on our environment’s importance. In order for the issue to become real for me, it needed to effect me directly. Imagining all of the suffering animals was sad enough, but my favorite hobby of surfing had to take a hiatus as well. My stepdad said we would have to stay out of the ocean for a long time. Without the ocean to attract tourists, our local economy plummeted. The oil spill caused a domino effect that ended badly for all of the parties involved. We need to be much more proactive about preventing future tragedies like this from every happening again.